The Weekly Buzz 23.1.13

  • On Martin Luther King Day we celebrated the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. He released his official inauguration playlist. With a little bit of everything from Glee to John Legend to Smokey Robinson, I’d say the President can make one good playlist.
  • The NFL season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean it can escape a bad lip dub rendition. If you haven’t heard of this recent trend, it is where clips of people are taken and voice overs are put in with what it looks like they’re saying. The results can be quite humorous. Minnesota’s own Adrien Peterson even makes a cameo. My favorite was Tom Brady being shocked at how white he actually is. Even if you’re not a sports fan it will still give you a laugh.

  • This year’s flu season has been especially brutal. If you happen to catch the bug, check out these 24 DIY ways to feel better ASAP that people swear by.
  • Living in Minnesota I’m no stranger to dry skin. Wrangler Jeans is debuting a product to combat that very problem. Would you buy moisturizing jeans? They also are set to fight cellulite as well. No, I’m serious this is an actual product. I’m betting this won’t be the next big trend.
  • Anna Kendrick is one of my favorites. She’s witty, sassy, talented, and seemingly normal. I’m pretty positive I want to be her bff. Her Twitter has confirmed that for me 1000%. Below are a few of my recent favorites, but you should check out this compilation of some of her all time bests.

anna tweet 2

anna tweet 1

  • Did you know there’s an energy drink in the UK that’s called Pussy? Yep, you read that last sentence right. See the product on Amazon for purchase here. Why I bring this up is they’ve recently caused a bit of controversy with how they are going about advertising it. See the two billboards that use wordplay and dirty suggestions to sell their drink. Is it bad that I’m curious enough that I sort of want to try it now? Guess that advertising is working.
  • Jimmy Kimmel has a tradition of having celebrities read mean tweets that were sent to them. In the third edition featuring people such Selena Gomez, Simon Cowell, and Anderson Cooper. It’s pretty humorous and it’s always nice to see that they handle the unnecessary hate fairly gracefully.

  • Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Cue the dollar signs in Hallmark’s eyes. However, you could buy one of these slightly off beat cards from Etsy that are 10x better than anything you could pick up in the normal card aisle at the drug store.


  • Speaking of sex and getting it on, here’s a fun fact for you. Due to the rise in popularity of bikini/brazilian waxes, Crabs are close to becoming extinct. Guess there’s always a silver lining in all that pain.
  • I know that as a recent college grad one of the things I’ve struggled with is not having all my friends in a five minute radius and ready to hang out at any time. Whenever we can find time to get together it’s usually over the standard dinner and drinks. While this option is fine and dandy occasionally, it’s nice to spice it up a bit too. Check out this list of 29 ideas of friend dates. There’s a few good ones in there I may have to suggest next time I’m in charge of planning.
  • What better way to send you off this week than with a video of an adorable baby and a parent that has way too much time on their hands in the technological era.

Until next time,

Kati Rose

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